UNICORNS ARE REAL!!!!!!! who do you think puts quarters under your pillow or makes you have dreams. Unicorns DUGH!! Unicorns are real because a really long time ago Santa was bff’s with God. And Santa came up with this idea of a four hooved animal with magical powers and a horn. So Santa drew sketchs and called it a unicorn. God aproved them and made them one by one. There used to be millions of them. The whole world was hugly populated with them. Then Santa fired one of his elves. They went up to heaven and helpped God make unicorns. They got there without dieing by using an elevator and oxygen tanks. Then to replace the X-elf was Invader Zim. He tried to enileate the whole world so he and Grr went to work as elves. They immediatly were sent up to heaven to help design the unisorns. Invader Zim built the unicorns and added pink hooves and rainbow hair and horn. On the other hand Grr started making unicorns with out the horn thus sending Invader Zim and Grr back to their home planet and creating the horse:).

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  1. msmusich
    May 25, 2011 @ 00:20:08

    Interesting post. I like the picture!


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